Venom & Vixen Ink

Tattoo Studio - Catskill, NY

    Hello!  I'm Brittney.  Thanks for checking out my shop!  A little about me...I have always been known to be the quirky, creative one of the bunch and was sought out by my friends to design tattoos for them.  I started to fall in love with tattoo design and how it challenged my creativity and imagination.  After much peer pressure from my friends, I finally decided to give tattooing a try so I very unprofessionally tattooed a couple ready and willing guinea pigs on my back porch. I instantly fell in love and wished I had done this sooner.  That day will forever be remembered as the  beginning of the rest of my life!  After unsuccessfully shopping around for a willing and reliable place to apprentice, I decided to take the road less traveled and went to a tattoo school.  It was a  total game changer for me and I learned that with discipline and dedication, I could really make this dream happen on my own.  That was in 2013 and here I am, living my dream every day!

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